Dukkan Burger Restaurant – Kuwait

Dukkan Burger is a restaurant that offers a unique dining experience where you get to relish a fusion of true Arabian culture with the modern trend of international casual dining. It will enhance your taste buds with novel menus created after blending together classic oriental recipes, sauces and spices. So enrich yourselves with the cultural outlook of our homeland.We promised ourselves to embed authentic Dukkan outlook in its construction. That’s why purely Arabic theme is incorporated in every detail from menu to the artwork and interior/exterior layouts. Our childhood memories and reminders of Dukkan have played a pivotal role in the designing process. Wherever we deemed it necessary we utilized modern concepts.... Continue readingContact Info of Dukkan Burger Restaurant - KuwaitWebsite: www.dukkan-burger.comEmail: [email protected]: Dukkan-BurgerInstagram: dukkan_burger... Show MoreCollapseIfLongDiv(divContacts439, 250, divContactsBtnExpand439);Branches of Dukkan Burger in Kuwait1•Dukkan Burger - Bneid Al Gar (Le Royal Hotel) 532•Dukkan Burger - Shamiya 44* Most viewed out of 2 branches. Sorted based on branches" views in the last 30 days, from Wednesday, 20 Febraury 2019 till today. Mother Company of Dukkan Burger Branches in KuwaitA’amal HoldingHospitality Company

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